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Work-Life Balance


  • DIY PHYSIO Stress Reduction

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  • Best practices to impart to business owners
    Mason Cole
    The Bottom Line, September 2017

    Choosing a partner to embark on the challenge of launching a business should be approached similarly to finding a life partner.

  • How to overcome your fears and land your dream career
    Corri Fetman
    The Catalyst, September 2017

    A few of the most common fears that people have regarding a potential job or career change, along with the reasons why you should really not fear them at all.

  • Karen Erger
    Illinois Bar Journal, June 2017

    Tips for leaving the office more satisfied with the work you've done today and more likely to succeed tomorrow.

  • Kristen Prinz
    The Catalyst, December 2016

    There never seems to be enough time to be the best lawyer, leader, mother and wife.

  • Erin Wilson
    The Catalyst, June 2016

    The first installment of a regular new column addressing work-life balance.

  • Will we ever be able to go on vacation again?
    Richard D. Hannigan
    Workers’ Compensation Law, April 2016

    When you go on vacation are you taking a complete rest from work?

  • Back after baby
    Julie A. Neubauer
    The Catalyst, October 2015

    New mom Julie Neubauer shares her experiences with going back to work.

  • Lawyers: Don’t forget the importance of being ‘present’
    Lyndsay Markley
    YLDNews, October 2015

    The author attended a seminar earlier this year and was reminded of the importance to slow down and remember what truly matters.

  • Practical advice for new lawyers
    Kyle Stevens
    YLDNews, October 2015

    The author shares the four items of advice he wishes he'd received when he was first admitted to practice.

  • Five methods to transcend from zealous to zen
    Marie K. Sarantakis
    YLDNews, August 2015

    A few ideas to empower you to become more resilient and centered in an ever-connected and fast-paced world.

  • Sleepless in the Corner Office
    Karen Erger
    Illinois Bar Journal, June 2015

    Sleep is a necessity, not a luxury.

  • Being a young lawyer with kids—Enhancing work-life balance
    Joshua D. Herman
    YLDNews, June 2015

    Some suggestions for a successful "Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day."

  • Unique opportunities in the legal profession for moms
    Jennifer A. Haase
    YLDNews, April 2015

    Does the legal profession get an unfair reputation when it comes to offering flexibility and alternative options for working mothers?

  • Travel tips 101
    Don Mateer
    Senior Lawyers, February 2015

    The author shares some pointers for those who may be traveling abroad for the first time.

  • Ed Finkel
    Illinois Bar Journal, December 2014

    More solos and small-firm lawyers are hiring stay-at-home moms and others on a project-by-project basis as the need arises. The lawyers they hire are trading full-time employment for freedom.

  • Getting your financial house in order: Five financial tips for new lawyers
    Priscilla Singer
    YLDNews, April 2014

    The author recommends ways for new lawyers to manage debt and make the transition into the working world.

  • Character and fitness: Why young lawyers need to dedicate time to improving their physical health
    Christopher Niro
    YLDNews, August 2013

    The author advocates exercise and personal health as a way to actually improve your work and productivity.

  • “All” is in the eye of the beholder
    Valerie Lipic
    The Catalyst, December 2012

    Author Valerie Lipic discusses her struggles to find the perfect work-life balance.

  • Just be normal
    Maxine Weiss Kunz
    YLDNews, June 2012

    Lawyers have a certain language which benefits our trade and can alienate others. But once outside of your professional life, the author advises you should make an effort to to step out of your lawyer shoes and converse like a “normal person” in your day-to-day interactions.

  • Tips on practicing with family
    Krysia W. Ressler
    YLDNews, April 2012

    Having practiced with her dad for six years, the author knows the challenges and rewards that can come with working closely with a family member.

  • Adjusting to the practice of law: A five-year reflection
    Ebony R. Huddleston
    General Practice, Solo & Small Firm, February 2012

    As a new attorney in a small firm, author Ebony Huddleston has discovered three important things for which law school could not have prepared her.

  • Productivity isn’t everything: Letter to the Editor
    Jewel N. Klein
    General Practice, Solo & Small Firm, July 2011

    In the December issue of this newsletter, Editor John T. Phipps explained how technological advances can make lawyers more productive. Author Jewel Klein doesn't disagree, but does have some second thoughts.

  • Searching for the Holy Grail (a.k.a., the Work-Life Balance)
    Douglas F. McMeyer
    YLDNews, April 2011

    The successful balance between career and personal life is something every attorney strives to find. This article provides tips and suggestions to help lawyers in their search.

  • Surviving in the legal practice
    Sonia Munoz Gallagher
    YLDNews, December 2010

    Six rules to help you be a better and more productive lawyer.

  • Mother, wife, lawyer: A balancing act
    Ashley Kwasneski
    YLDNews, December 2010

    Juggling the demands of parenthood with a successful career.

  • Attorneys: Get on your hobby horse!
    Valerie Sherman
    The Catalyst, October 2010

    The benefits of having at least one hobby are huge, especially to attorneys, whose stress levels, happiness, and health are often cited as some of the worst of any profession.

  • Getting off the teeter-totter—Work/life balance, another perspective
    Sandra Crawford
    The Catalyst, September 2009

    In June the author attended the 17th Annual Conference of the International Alliance of Holistic Lawyers, held in Chicago.

  • Spring 2009: Launch of The Legal Balance
    Erica Zalokar
    The Catalyst, May 2009

    Get involved with a new resource for women attorneys to be launched this spring!

  • Lawn Rangers Inaugural Report
    Thomas A. Bruno
    Human Rights, February 2009

    A lighthearted story from author Thomas Bruno.

  • Acupuncture: What, When, Why and How?
    Dr. Shanna Fritsch
    The Catalyst, March 2008

    For thousands of years, Eastern Medicine has used acupuncture to treat everything, including emotional disorders, pain, analgesia and wrinkle reduction.

  • John W. Olmstead
    Family Law, December 2007

    It is much easier to begin your life and career with balance that it is to try to bring your life back into balance later in life.

  • Aging gracefully?
    Dr. Shanna Fritsch
    YLDNews, June 2007

    In today’s world we are constantly bombarded by images of youth and perfection. Beautiful men and beautiful women in their beautiful, youthful skin.

  • Ground yourself
    Heather M. Fritsch
    The Catalyst, May 2007

    As some of you may know, my dad is a farmer. I grew up on a farm just south of the very small town of Shabbona, Illinois. Shabbona?

  • Stress: Your toughest opponent yet
    Dr. Shanna Fritsch
    YLDNews, April 2007

    In today’s world you are faced with almost constant stress. If it is not your boss, it is a big case, or a big bill.

  • Tips for healthy living in the new year
    Dr. Shanna Fritsch
    YLDNews, February 2007

    Stress Reduction! Stress can cause headaches, muscle tension, irritability, depression, and anxiety. Take steps to reduce stress in your daily routine.

  • An invitation to all to take a “Darrow Day”
    Sandra Crawford
    The Catalyst, January 2007

    What, you may ask, is a “Darrow Day?” It is not delaying or deferring living a full, rewarding, joyful life while we put “more grain in the barn”

  • Flexible hours policies: Success strategies for you and your law firm
    E. Lynn Grayson
    The Catalyst, October 2006

    All attorneys share a common aspiration—a career that allows for a rich, meaningful personal life coupled with ongoing opportunities for professional development and advancement.

  • Lawyers’ lives in balance: Developing your plan and tips for staying energized & productive
    John W. Olmstead
    The Bottom Line, September 2006

    I am often asked to help law firms design and implement strategic business plans. I also coach many solo and small firm attorneys in career as well as personal and professional life balance issues.

  • Improving job satisfaction in the legal profession
    Justin Heather
    YLDNews, June 2006

    Understanding the root cause of job-related dissatisfaction is the key to discovering the cure. 

  • Is There Life After (and During) Law School?
    Pamela Daley
    Arla Lisa McMillan
    Illinois Bar Journal, May 2006

    Should law schools do more to help students cope with the demands of legal education and practice?

  • Choosing the child care option that is right for you
    Annemarie E. Kill
    The Catalyst, March 2006

    When my partners and I began our firm in 2000, we were three women who were just starting our families.

  • Finding a life in the law
    Patrick E. Ward
    General Practice, Solo & Small Firm, February 2006

    You can revitalize your profession and yourself by starting back at the basics.

  • Stress and the 21st century attorney
    Bernard Wysocki
    General Practice, Solo & Small Firm, February 2006

    This past year I was fortunate to be elected as the Lake County Bar Association President.

  • Superhero Syndrome
    Heather M. Fritsch
    YLDNews, December 2005

    It struck me the other day that every time I run into a practicing attorney I knew from law school (or another young attorney that I know well), the very first question that is asked is: “So—what do you think?”