Illinois Bar Journal

The Magazine of Illinois Lawyers

January 2018Volume 106Number 1Pages 1-52

Practice News


Practice Management | By
Ed Finkel
Referring a case can be good for all concerned - referring lawyer, recipient, and client. But make sure you understand referral ethics and follow best practices.
Evidence | By
John M. Spesia
Jacob E. Gancarczyk
Demonstrative evidence, which merely illustrates or explains a point, need not be disclosed during discovery. But trying to use it to do the work of substantive evidence risks having a favorable verdict overturned.
Insurance Law | By
Scott O. Reed
Do indemnity agreements typically require payment of the indemnified party's attorney fees? Can a party cap the amount of its liability, or is doing so against public policy? Here's a look at some of the key questions that arise in indemnity contracts.
Habeas Corpus | By
Angela J. Rollins
In 2010, the Supreme Court held that equitable tolling applies to the one-year limitation for filing federal habeas petitions, giving defendants a pathway to relief when they're victims of attorney misconduct and other "extraordinary circumstances."


President-Elect Message | By
James F. McCluskey
Looking for a chance to lead? Consider nominating yourself for one of our many section councils and committees for 2018-19.
President's Page | By
Hon. Russell W. Hartigan
Meeting with lawyers around the state is one of my objectives as president.
Member to Member
Find a qualified ISBA member when a case falls outside of your area of practice.
Pointers from Practice HQ | By
Jennifer Ramovs
What to keep in mind as you consider moving your phone service to the internet.
Your Life's Work | By
Karen Erger
Some tips to make your next public speaking gig less stressful and more successful.
Finding Illinois Law | By
Jesse Bowman
Do you suffer from research FOMO - fear of missing out? A for-fee service lets you upload your brief and get a report of cases you've missed.
Ethics | By
Bailey E. Felts
Illinois Rules of Professional Conduct 1.5(e), 5.4(a), and 7.2(b) are important places to look for guidance about referral ethics.